Macron welcomed the Russian-Turkish agreement on Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron, in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, praised the agreement reached by Russia and Turkey on Syria, the Kremlin’s Press Service said on Saturday.

“Emmanuel Macron praised the agreements reached by Russia and Turkey. According to the general opinion, the measures provided for in the Sochi Memorandum are a good basis for stabilization in the Zaevfrat and will contribute to the resolution of the Syrian crisis as a whole”, – the statement said.

The Press Service added that during the conversation the hope was expressed that the first meeting of the Syrian constitutional committee would be constructive and effective.

In addition, the President of the Russian Federation told Macron about the results of the Russia-Africa summit that ended in Sochi, emphasizing that “the participants demonstrated their commitment to strengthening multifaceted cooperation on a mutually beneficial and mutually respectful basis”.