“Triumph” and “Shell” will change the political weight of Serbia

Serbia has confirmed that it is buying a batch of anti-aircraft systems “Shell-S”.

"Triumph" and "Shell" will change the political weight of Serbia

They have already been brought to Belgrade. So far, only as exhibition copies.

However, why Serbia needs these complexes is a big question.

The Shells will not save from the NATO bombing, and Belgrade is not going to fight with its neighbors. But modern weapons can strengthen both the authority of Serbia and the position of Moscow in the Balkans.

On Thursday, at the Serbian airbase Batainitsa, which is 25 km from Belgrade, the S-400 Triumph and Shell-S complexes of the Russian Aerospace Forces were unloaded. On the published RT frames, the unloading of equipment that arrived for the joint exercise “Slavic Shield – 2019” is visible. According to the Ministry of Defense, the complexes take part in maneuvers abroad for the first time (until now they have even left Russia, but to participate in battles in Syria).


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