Lavrov told about the implementation of the Russia and Turkey’s memorandum on Syria

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the rights of all parties that will comply with the memorandum of understanding signed by Turkey and Russia will be respected.

“With regard to the implementation of the memorandum, which was approved by Presidents (Vladimir) Putin and (Tayyip) Erdogan in Sochi on October 22, the rights of all parties that will comply with the agreements will be unconditionally respected. I recall that these Russian-Turkish agreements were supported, approved by both President (Syria Bashar) Assad and the leader of the Kurdish self-defense forces”, – Lavrov said at the press conference after talks with Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Söreide.

The Russian Federation and Turkey on Tuesday signed a memorandum of understanding of 10 points, in particular, on the introduction of units of the Russian military police and the Syrian border service on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey outside the Turkish Source of Peace zone. They will facilitate the withdrawal of Kurdish troops and their weapons 30 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border, which should be completed within 150 hours. From this moment, a joint Russian-Turkish patrol will begin to a depth of 10 kilometers from the border to the west and east of the Turkish operation area, except for the city of Kamyshly.

* -Terrorist organization banned in Russia.