Serbia orders the Pantsir-S complex

Alexandar Vučić, President of the country, announced that he will examine the complex on October 26.

Serbia orders the Pantsir-S complex

Serbia ordered the Pantsir-S complex. The President of Serbia will examine it on October 26th. This was announced on Thursday by Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to reporters during the meeting of the first freight train from China in Belgrade.

“The S-400 is now in the country because of the exercises, tomorrow I’ll go directly to examine it. What concerns the Pantsir-S, I’m going to study it on Saturday, we have already ordered it”, – Vučić said.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the anti-aircraft missile division of the S-400 systems and the battery of the Pantsir-S systems of the Russian Armed Forces were transferred to Serbia, where they will take part for the first time in exercises in the territory of a foreign state.

The Ministry of Defense specified that the Russian-Serbian air defense exercises “Slavic shield – 2019” – are held for the first time and consist of two stages. The first stage took place in September at the Center for Combat Training and Combat Application of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the Astrakhan Region. The second stage will starts from October 23 to 29 in Serbia.

The Serbian Defense Ministry reported that the exercises were held at two training sites at once, “numerous firing” were planned as a part of the maneuvers.


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