The name of Volker again “surfaced” in the US-Ukrainian scandal-the state department envoy taught Zelensky to lie to Trump

Already a former special representative of the US Department of State, Kurt Volker, gave Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky instructions on how to convincingly lie to Donald Trump.

It is reported by the American publication “The Wall Street Journal”, citing its own sources.

According to media reports, the point was that Zelensky could convince the President of the United States of his readiness to investigate the case of Democrat Joe Biden, as well as the interference of Kiev officials in the 2016 US election. As Volcker himself claimed then, this was supposed to “help overcome the flow of negative information” regarding Kiev, which the White House was supplied by Trump’s personal lawyer Rudolf Giuliani.

The dialogue between Zelensky and Walker, according to the source, occurred on July 2. Then the diplomat took the guarantor aside at the conference, which was held in Toronto.

Among other things, Walker advised Zelensky “to be prepared to accept some of Trump’s lawyer agenda items”. It is noteworthy that Volker himself, while testifying before Congress, claimed that he did not mention either Biden or Giuliani in an interview with Zelensky. A WSJ source, however, claims that it was completely different. Moreover, then the representative of the State Department called Giuliani “a problem”.

As previously reported by News Front, during a telephone conversation between Zelensky and Tarump, the latter urged him to investigate the case of Biden-the candidate for President of the United States from the Democratic party. Joe Biden, as Vice President of Barack Obama, blackmailed Petro Poroshenko, demanding to dismiss the attorney General, who began checking the corruption schemes of the company owned by Biden Jr. Democrats, unable to refute the accusations, began to blame trump for the pressure on Zelensky and even spin the idea of impeachment against this background.