The Chilean government will send a series of bills to the Congress that provide for measures to provide social support to the population. This was stated by President Sebastian Pignera during his address to the nation.

“We will submit to the Congress for consideration the social agenda in accordance with the law and begin implementation when the government gets this opportunity,” he said.

The package of measures includes raising pensions, lowering the cost of electricity, partially covering medical expenses, lowering prices for medicines and setting a minimum income for working residents of the country.

In addition, the Chilean government intends to send a bill to raise taxes for citizens of a high-income country. It is due to this that it is planned to implement a social program.

Recall, protests and riots in Chile have been going on for five days. Initially, they were caused by the intentions of the authorities to increase the cost of travel by metro, but later protesters also had social demands. According to recent reports, during the riots in Chile killed at least 15 people.

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