Polish teachers to launch indefinite ‘Italian’ strike

Polish teachers begin an indefinite “Italian” strike on Wednesday, the head of the Union of Polish Teachers (ZNP) Slavomir Bronyaz said at a press conference on Tuesday.

According to Bronyazh, the ZNP board made a decision that “de facto begins a protest.” He explained that the protest will begin on Wednesday, but  “each school and each teacher will make an individual decision to participate in the protest and can join it, for example, in a month”.

The head of the union said that the “Italian” strike will consist of “fulfilling only those duties that are prescribed in the legislation on education”.
First of all, this applies to a 40-hour working day.

“At the same time, teachers will not fulfill the duties of the so-called unwritten, which are imposed on us by those who lead Polish education and for which we do not receive money”, – Bronyazh explained.

In particular, it is about school trips, conducting hobby groups, extracurricular activities. It also refers to various contests on Saturday and Sunday, weekend classes, reporting, inventory of school facilities.
The decision to strike was made following a survey of members of the Union of Polish Teachers. It was attended by over 227 thousand teachers and educators.

At the same time, the Union of Polish Teachers prepared a draft law providing for an increase in teacher remuneration.


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