British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that if parliamentarians do not support the government’s proposed action plan for the new Brexit bill, he will withdraw the bill from consideration and propose a general election.

The government, striving to implement Brexit at all costs on October 31, earlier proposed the Parliament to consider and approve the new Brexit bill in three days so that the document would go to the House of Lords on Thursday. On Tuesday evening, deputies are to vote on this action plan. Many opposition parliamentarians oppose such a strategy, considering three days insufficient time for a thorough consideration of such an important document. Labor head Jeremy Corbin has said he will vote today against the government’s plan, and Scottish nationalists are also opposed.

“I’ll never let this drag on for months. If the Parliament refuses to let Brexit do it in its own way, putting everything off until January, under no circumstances will the government continue doing this. With great regret, we’ll have to withdraw the bill from consideration, and we will have to hold general elections”, – Johnson said during a debate in parliament.

The EU, which received on Saturday a request from Britain to defer Brexit, has not yet made a decision. It depends largely on the fate of the bill introduced by Johnson.

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