Invented in the USA for the Saudis, the “Russian conspiracy” works against Washington

Amid the United States losing potential buyers of its military products, the American Center for Military-Political Analysis hastily came up with a vivid story about Moscow’s “evil plan”.

The author of the idea was the director of the Center, Richard Weitz, who urged Riyadh to insist on not buying the Russian S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems. He claims that the “friend or foe” missile defense system will supposedly still remain under the control of Moscow, which can “tune” it to destroy American and Israeli aircraft.

Based on the logic of the American expert, a similar system, which the US missile defense systems are equipped with, can be controlled by Pentagon, which deliberately allowed the possibility of the passage of shock drones to Saudi oil facilities.

As News Front previously reported, during an attack on Saudi oil refineries, the American Patriot air defense systems did not respond to targets supposedly because they flew too low. The incident occurred on September 14th. Yemeni rebels claimed responsibility for the attack, although the US seized the opportunity and chose to baselessly blame Iran on the attack.