Merkel calls Brexit agreement a news of the day

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the agreement on Brexit between the UK and the European Commission “a good news”.

On Thursday it became known that negotiators from the European Union and Great Britain reached an agreement on the country’s withdrawal from the union before the summit of the EU heads of state is held.

“The news of the day today is that an agreement has been reached between the UK government and the European Commission”, – Merkel told the reporters in Brussels. A video recording of the Chancellor’s communication with the press was distributed by ZDF.

She noted the need to study the agreement in detail, but taking into account the well-known key points, she said that “this is a good news”.

“The fact that the Prime Minister of Ireland is satisfied is a crucial signal for me”, – she added.

Merkel thanked the European Commission and noted that 27 EU countries showed unity in negotiations with Great Britain.