Johnson told about the European Union deal

The agreement reached will allow London to freely enter into trade agreements, the British Prime Minister said.

The Brexit deal, reached on Thursday between London and Brussels, will allow Britain to freely enter into trade agreements with other countries and control its borders, as well as protect the interests of the population of Northern Ireland. This was announced on Thursday, October 17, by the Head of the British government, Boris Johnson, on Twitter. 

“The new deal guarantees that we will establish new relations with the EU based on the principles of free trade and friendly cooperation, as well as regain full control over our laws, borders, finances and trade relations, and no one will interfere with this. The United Kingdom will leave the EU customs union in full force and will be able to conclude trade agreements around the world. The provisions on the anti-democratic backstop regime have been excluded (from the draft agreement with the European Union – ed.). The population of Northern Ireland will be able to decide which laws it will live by. In addition, unlike the “back-stop”, the new agreement will give people the opportunity to terminate the special rules (which will be introduced for Northern Ireland – ed.), if the people wish it”, – Johnson wrote.

The Prime Minister emphasized that his government had succeeded in repealing the unlimited backstop clause, which was designed to guarantee border transparency on the island of Ireland, but at the same time prevented the United Kingdom from ending the regime without the EU consent. At the same time, despite the government’s assurances that Ulster’s interests in the new agreement are fully respected, the Democratic Union Party of Northern Ireland (DUP) has already stated that the terms of the new deal are as unacceptable to it as the terms of the previous one. Without the support of the DLP, it will be extremely difficult for Johnson to conduct his deal with the EU through the House of Commons of the British Parliament.

Earlier it was reported that Britain and the EU agreed on a Brexit. After two days of negotiations, London and Brussels announced the approval of a new deal on exit conditions.