Russia recorded 22 ceasefire violations in Syria per day

Russia in the armistice commission in Syria recorded 22 violations per day, Turkey – 31, according to the newsletter of the Russian Defense Ministry, published on the website of the Russian military.

“The Russian side of the representative office of the joint Russian-Turkish commission to consider issues related to violations of the cessation of hostilities recorded 22 facts of the opening of fire in the provinces: Aleppo – six, Idlib – six, Latakia – seven, Hama – three. The Turkish part of the representative office recorded 31 the fact of the opening of fire in the provinces: Hama – 15, Idlib – nine, Aleppo – seven”, – the report said.

Over the past day, together with the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation, a humanitarian action was held in the district of Karim al-Meysar (Aleppo province), during which 500 food packages with a total weight of 2.47 tons were issued to needy residents of the SAR, as well as a ton of bread was given to Syrians during the charity event.


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