‘Real’ or ‘Fake’ migrant: Who threats the EU and provokes social strikes?

Europe is suffering a lot from migrant crisis. There is a stream of refugees and immigrants “apparently” trying to escape from disasters, wars, hunger and poverty in their native countries. We should distinguish ‘real’ and ‘fake’ migrants. This opinion is expressed by a tenth generation Britain, Marcus Godwyn in an exclusive interview for News Front.

According to him, Britain at the moment doesn’t seem to have the same kind of migrant crisis as for example France or Germany has now, because of the sea. “This little piece of English Channel which I know so well, […] is really a barrier. And it is a barrier has stopped many invasions of Britain, the last successful and tragic one being the papist Norman invasion of 1066 nearly a thousand years ago. It is one of the factors that also stopped this migrant invasion” says Marcus.  I met them personally in the French port of Dieppe after the authorities began closing down the massive camp near Calais.  They were all young; 20 to 30, well dressed, clean cut with smart phones and with a very openly cynical attitude to the French police and customs officials.  Many were openly shouting that they want to get to Britain.    The other factor is the British rulers.   I believe that although the British elites are allied with their European partners, they have largely blocked this migrant army because they are afraid at this time when they are trying to stall Brexit, that this would increase the anti EU mood in the country.”

The Britain notes however that enormous immigration does come from the New European Union, which is also something done deliberately, particularly from Romania and Bulgaria. He stresses that a lot of gypsies come from these countries to set up and this causes problems among population in Britain.

“What do you do if you immigrate? Do you stand about on street corners causing trouble, shouting about some rights or go on demonstrations, pickpocketing people, whatever… or do you try to get a job and contribute, build a life in a new country and enjoy the advantages of being there as you see them? You do the latter. That’s what the migrants from the West Indies and Indian subcontinent in Britain did. Those people were real immigrants. People who came here to build a life”, explains Marcus Godwyn.

“The new, what I call ‘’fake immigrants”, they do exactly the opposite, they come there and claim benefits which our government easily gives them while making it increasingly difficult for the indigenous population to receive these benefits when they need them.  I should stress that by ‘indigenous population’ I am not referring only to white Anglo Saxons but anyone who is a naturalized Britain with a British passport.”

They are cutting benefits for them and giving benefits to these new immigrants. It deliberately causes social unrest and strife as so many people in Britain and the western world still falsely believe that their governments are working in their best interests as I used to do.  The truth is that the western elites are working towards a one world government totally controlled by them and the EU is a major step towards this goal.  The rulers want to create as much social strife and chaos as possible and then offer their solution which is their one world government”, adds Marcus.  “Some politicians have seen through this game such as Viktor Orban of Hungary who literally stopped the invading army at the border of that small and culturally unique country. 

In conclusion, the expert emphasises that this is the way to destabilize the traditional, but constantly and naturally evolving fabrique of society that has been persistently weakened over centuries in the west dating all the way back, in his opinion, to the great schism.  “Russia has come, once again, to be the western elites’ greatest obstacle to these nefarious ambitions and this is the reason for the constant vilification of Russia and the constant attacks and destabilization around her borders most extremely and recently with the putsch in Ukraine and the western war on those in Donbass and other parts of Ukraine who refused to accept the west’s dictate.