New dimension in Sino-US tension

The formal Sino-US diplomatic relations established on January 1, 1979, when the United States changed its diplomatic recognition of China from Taipei to Beijing. In the U.S.-PRC Three Communiqués that announced the change, the United States acknowledges that all Chinese on either side of the Taiwan Strait maintain there is but one China and that Taiwan is a part of China. Since then, the ROC is referred to as “The Republic of China on Taiwan” while, PRC (People’s Republic of China) as mainland China, to avoid confusion.
Since then, the relations between the US and PRC kept on growing exponentially in all dimensions, either it was economic front, Trade, Defense, Education, S&T, Innovation, Culture or any other dimension, all were witnessed gradual improvements.  
In the 1980s and 1990s, huge number of Chinese students admitted to American Universities for acquiring higher education. While many American Entrepreneurs penetrated into a huge and niche market of 1.4 billion, the largest market. Most of them made a good profit and Americans focused on the Chinese market as a big potential for American products. 
The US opened its doors of Education, S&T, and High-tech to Chinese while making money in terms of trade with China. The same practice was followed by Europe too, especially Western Europe, rather more advanced and developed. China was the beneficiary of Modern Education, S&T, Innovations, Skills and management systems.
But very soon China developed its technology and especially in the manufacturing Industry. Due to the hard work of Chinese people and the utilization of modern techniques, and the availability of an abundance of raw material and cheaper labor costs, China become very competitive in the International market. China started to export to almost all nations around the world. Gradually, the developed world, which came to China to capture the Chinese market, became a market for China.
Chinese Economy took huge boost and surpassed the German Economy in 2006, surpassed the Japanese Economy in 2010 and expectedly posed to surpass American Economy in 2026. German digested Chinese surpass, but the Japanese could not digest and be hurt badly. American was not happy with the rise of China and initiated several measures to contain China and created several obstacles in the smooth development of China. 
The sino-us trade war was one aspect of keeping China under pressure and slow down its rapidly growing economy. American actions against Chinese hi-tech telecom gigantic company “Huawei” was also a similar step toward containing China.
The US created the Indo-Pacific Alliance, with Japan, India, and Australia to Counter China and signed “Major Defense Partner” with India. Heavy military presence in and around the Chinese region is also measured in a similar direction.
However, a new dimension has added – Visa Restrictions. What so ever rationale is provided by the state department to impose visa restrictions on Chinese officials, is ultimately aimed to keep the pressure on China. It is just beginning, and one can foresee more actions on similar lines. 
China is a deep nation and may observe patients, but reserve the right to reciprocate. Although, American Diplomats’ involvement in creating unrest in Hong Kong is witnessed, China is observing patients and restrains.  There are so many other grounds available in China to impose similar restrictions on Americans by China. China may delay and wait for an appropriate opportunity to reciprocate, which is justifiable and logical.
We appeal to the State Department to judge the situation in Kashmir on the same scale and take all necessary actions against India to save humanity in Kashmir. Rescue human beings in Kashmir. Kashmir is burning, Indian atrocities in Kashmir must be stopped. Holocaust must be averted. India crossed all records of Human rights violations in Kashmir. Civilized nations and individuals must rise up to save human lives in Kashmir. 
Zamir Ahmed Awan


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