Donbass Zelensky’s formula – total “zeroing” under the guise of a “circumstances victim”

The trump card of Vladimir Zelensky and his team is that the elections – presidential and parliamentary – are already behind, which means that you can do anything in the coming years.

This was told by political analyst Semyon Uralov, commenting on the resonant demand of the Ukrainian side during the Minsk talks on the “dissolution” of the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics. Only after that Kiev supposedly agreed to implement the Steinmeier formula.

According to the expert, this step is a consequence of the realization in Kiev that the authorities were left face to face with Moscow, which did not want to surrender the republics of Donbass for no reason. Moreover, the Ukrainian leadership sees that the domestic political situation has gotten out of control, and “it’s easier to negotiate with the radicals than to clean it up”.

“Therefore, the course has been chosen for a total“ kidok ”- to reset all obligations, posing as a victim of circumstances. Which, in general, is not difficult to do. All elections have been held, another four years you can do anything. The fate of Zelensky personally is also understandable – they will merge him in a couple of years, appointing him as an extreme one,” explains Uralov.


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