Fourteen policemen killed in an attack in Mexico

Fourteen policemen were killed in the Mexican state of Michoacan as a result of an attack by armed people, the country’s Ministry of Security and Civil Protection said.

“The ministry condemns the attack, which killed 14 police officers in Aguilla, Michoacan. We will provide the government with all our human and technological resources so that the attackers are brought to trial”, – the ministry said in a statement.

Attacks on law enforcement officers are not uncommon in Mexico.

In recent years, a wave of violence has swept the country, caused largely by the confrontation of cartels for control of cocaine transit to the United States. In 2018, a record number of killings was recorded in the country – the Ministry of Security reported more than 33.3 thousand. This figure broke the record for 2017 (31.2 thousand murders).


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