Putin: Russia can play an important role in relations between the Gulf countries

Saudi Arabia and Iran do not need mediators, Russia, by virtue of relations with the Persian Gulf countries, can convey to each other their positions, and so could play a positive role, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. 

“The role of the intermediary is not the most grateful one. And I think that our partners in Iran and Saudi Arabia do not need mediation”, – Putin said in an interview with Al Arabiya, Sky Nеws Arabia and RT Arabic, answering the question, Russia could become a mediator for resolving disagreements.

According to him, Russia has “very good relations with all countries of the region” – with the Iranians, and with Saudi Arabia, with the United Arab Emirates.

“In this case, we could convey some position of some to the ears of others. But I know, I personally know the leaders of these countries. They do not need advice and mediation. With them you can only talk about friendship, as a friend you can do something there to formulate some ideas. And I know that they, being smart people, they… listen, they analyze what I tell them. In this sense, we could play some positive role”, – Putin added.