Pakistan wants to prevent Tehran and Riyadh conflict

Islamabad wants to prevent a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia, to build a dialogue between Tehran and Washington, said Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistan wants to prevent Tehran and Riyadh conflict

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is on a visit to Tehran, where he has already met with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, discussing the nuclear deal, the situation in the Middle East and the contradictions between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

“We don’t want another conflict in this part of the region. Mr. President, Iran is our neighbor, Saudi Arabia is one of our close friends who helped us when we needed it. The reason for this visit is that we don’t want a conflict between Iran and Saudi Arabia”, – said the Prime Minister of Pakistan during a press conference following talks with Rouhani.

According to him, this is a difficult problem, but it can be solved through dialogue. “But what should not happen is wars between Saudi Arabia and Iran,” he said, adding that such a conflict would go beyond the region.

In addition, Khan also touched on the issue of dialogue between the US and Iran in the light of the situation surrounding the nuclear deal, noting that US President Donald Trump asked him to help build a dialogue between Washington and Tehran, which the Pakistani prime minister intends to do.

In turn, the Iranian president reiterated that the situation around the nuclear deal could be resolved by returning the United States to an agreement and lifting sanctions against Tehran. Speaking about the Middle East, Rouhani emphasized that both sides are convinced that the “key to resolving” the situation in the region lies in ending the war in Yemen, establishing an early armistice there, as well as helping the people of this country.

On Friday, it became known that the Iranian oil tanker Sabiti was attacked in the Red Sea, off the coast of the city of Jeddah, near the port city of Jeddah, on the coast of Saudi Arabia, two missile attacks were launched, and an explosion occurred. The ship belongs to a subsidiary of the National Oil Company of Iran – the National Tanker Company of Iran. The situation on the ship is under control, however, two main oil compartments were damaged, from where the leak eventually occurred.


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