US Millions Chief of Staff Joint Chiefs of Staff (OKNSh) Mark Milli discussed the situation in Syria with the head of the Turkish General Staff, Yashar Guler, after the US military came under fire from the Turkish forces in the city of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border, the press service of Milli said.

Previously, the Pentagon confirmed media reports that the US military in the vicinity of Syrian Kobani was subjected to shelling from Turkish positions, the US military was not injured. In turn, the Turkish side said that the military had taken measures to prevent the American observation post in northern Syria from shelling the positions of Kurdish forces near it.

It is specified that the conversation took place on October 11, local time (October 12, Moscow time). They discussed “the security situation in Syria and the importance of US-Turkey cooperation in the region.”

“The US appreciates their strategic bilateral relations with Turkey,” the press release said.

Earlier, Turkey launched a military operation in Syria against Kurdish forces, which caused sharp criticism in Washington. The Donald Trump administration admitted that it had withdrawn American troops from the operation zone, but said that it did not approve of Ankara’s actions. Bills appearing in the Senate and House of Representatives providing for sanctions against Turkey for operation against US allied forces in Syria.

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