A trade agreement between the United States and China is an excellent opportunity to deal with the riots in Hong Kong.

This statement was made by US President Donald Trump following talks with Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC Liu He.

“We raised this topic. I believe the situation will resolve itself. In fact, I believe that our arrangements are great for the people of Hong Kong on what is happening. I think this is a positive moment for Hong Kong, ”said the head of the White House.

At the same time, he spoke positively about the actions of the Chinese leadership in their attempts to resolve the situation. “I watched, I told the Deputy Prime Minister that the escalation is declining compared with what was only a couple of months ago, when I saw a lot of people. Today they are much smaller, ”said Trump.

As News Front previously reported, since the beginning of summer in Hong Kong, riots have not stopped, which began with protests against the adoption of an extradition law that would allow Beijing to extradite criminals. However, even when authorities refused to consider the bill, the demonstrations continued, accompanied by pogroms and clashes with the police.

China has repeatedly stressed that the protests have external support, pointing, in particular, to the United States. This was confirmed both by the position of Western politicians and by publications in the Western media, which unanimously spoke on the side of the Hong Kong radicals.

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