Today the whole world is convinced that Ukraine does not want peace – Israeli political scientist

Israeli political scientist Solomon Mann believes that Ukrainians, going on the next Maidan against the “Steinmeier formula”, voluntarily or involuntarily sacrifice their country for the sake of nationalist illusions.

The restless “25%” (which is actually 5%) are going to organize the Maidan in order to bury Ukraine’s last chance of peace. These people want to sacrifice their country for the sake of their illusions or for the little things that they are paid to enter the square.

Only they do not understand or do not want to understand important things.

A) Today the whole world has become convinced that Ukraine does not want peace, it is Ukraine that breaks the ceasefire and peace negotiations, it is Ukraine that does not keep its word, it is Ukraine that spits on signatures under international treaties. This will be a terrible blow to prestige, to the international image of Ukraine, to the position of Ukraine in the world, to international assistance.

B) That suspended pre-default state of the Ukrainian economy can suddenly end in complete collapse. Please note: it is no coincidence that the oligarchs who have been organizing the Maidan for 6 months have been purposefully withdrawing dollars from Ukraine – the hryvnia exchange rate speaks very clearly about this. These people practically do not need a country, since they are taking the loot abroad. And stupid people follow these enemies of the country, inspired by false pride and hatred.

B) Let’s say Ukraine will break the next negotiations. Who will benefit from this? No one can give a clear answer to this question. I will answer: dirty politicians, dirty oligarchs, thieves and smugglers …

I think Ukrainians need to change their minds. The country can’t stand this Maidan.


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