Japan and South Korea extend WTO dispute negotiations

Japan and South Korea expressed the need for a second round of bilateral consultations as part of the WTO hearing regarding Seoul’s complaint about Japan’s export restrictions, Ronhap reports.

Earlier it was reported that the delegations of Japan and South Korea held talks as part of the WTO proceedings in Geneva, Switzerland.

“The parties agreed that further consultations are necessary, and decided to agree on a second round of bilateral negotiations through diplomatic channels … Bilateral consultations usually end in one round, but the fact that we agreed to meet again shows that both countries are ready for dialogue and want to to work together (to solve the problem – ed.), “said the head of the South Korean delegation, adviser on trade cooperation at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy Chung Hae Gwang.

Seoul began filing a complaint to the WTO on September 11, after Japan restricted the export of three materials necessary for electronics production to South Korea in July, and in August excluded Kazakhstan from the list of countries that were granted the most-favored-nation foreign trade regime.