Weeks of protests over the economic crisis continue in Haiti, with thousands of anti-government protesters clashing with police who stopped their march around President Jovenel Moisé’s home.

Protests tightened after the assassination of a prominent journalist covering the demonstrations.

Néhémie Joseph was found dead in his car with gunshot wounds on Thursday.

Protesters are demanding Mr Moïse’s resignation, blaming him for fuel shortages and worsening inflation.

On Friday they burned tyres and spilled oil on the streets, chanting “out with Jovenel”. Loudspeakers blasted music with anti-government lyrics.

Other protesters tried to force their way through a cordon leading to Mr Moïse’s residence. Police fired into the air and used tear gas to drive the crowd back.

“We are in misery and we are starving,” said protester Claude Jean quoted by Reuters news agency.

“We cannot stand it any more. We ask (President Moïse) to resign so that we have a new Haiti… because we suffer too much in this country.”

Earlier this year Mr Moïse rejected calls for his resignation, saying he would not leave the country in the “hands of armed gangs and drug traffickers”.

Néhémie Joseph was found dead in the town of Mirebalais, north-east of Port-au-Prince, but the circumstances are unclear. He had previously reported being threatened by politicians but it is not known if his work was the motive for the attack.

Police say an investigation into the killing has been launched but have not given any further details.

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