An employer who did not want to pay a salary tried to strangle a Maidan-man who escaped to Poland

For more than twenty years, Yuriy Mark was an actor in the Ukrainian theater. And after Euromaidan, which he vehemently supported, he ended up on earnings in Poland, where, moreover, an employer who did not want to pay the migrant tried to kill him.

This was announced by Yuriy Mark himself, who had already fled from Ukraine to a neighboring country for several years.

According to him, the salary should have been given to him back in September, but the employer said to come for the money on October 10, and at 10 pm

“Given that I was a foreigner trying to throw me money, and when I realized that it wouldn’t work, I began to threaten and strangle me,” the Maydan’s writer writes on a social network.

Mark hastily called the police, and while law enforcement officers were driving to the scene, the pizza director – the employer of the Ukrainian migrant – managed to hit him in the face.

However, with the arrival of the police, the problems of the zarobitchin did not end, since they did not look at the recordings from the surveillance cameras and did not even pay attention to the bloodied face of the victim. “The only thing they did was call an ambulance. Thanks for that, ”Mark says.

At the same time, he did not rule out that events could develop completely differently if the Polish employer got at least one scratch. “Today I would be deported,” he emphasizes.

“I don’t understand how this could happen in European Poland,” complains the Maydan who spoke in 2014, according to him, for European values.

As News Front previously reported, attacks on Ukrainians in Poland are becoming systematic. Over the past four years, the number of such incidents has increased from 30 to 190, and this is only according to official statistics. It is worth considering that many Ukrainian migrants work illegally and, given this status, can’t even complain to law enforcement agencies.