US forces that occupied part of Syrian territories fell under distribution against the background of the Turkish military operation “Source of Peace” in the northern and northeastern part of the Arab Republic.

This was announced at the US Department of Defense.

According to reports, the US military was covered by shelling of Turkish artillery in the area of ​​the city of Ain al-Arab, located near the border of two states. At the Pentagon, they asked that this did not happen again.

The incident occurred last night, at about 21:00 local time [coincides with MSC]. One of the shells, as emphasized in the Pentagon, exploded “several hundred meters” from the location of the Americans. At the same time, it is noted in the States that they warned Ankara about the presence of US troops in the area.

It is clarified that as a result of the shelling, none of the Americans was injured, and the units did not leave the city, which was in the way of the Turkish troops. At the same time, the Pentagon warned Ankara that she should “avoid actions that could lead to the immediate adoption of protective measures.”

It is also worth noting that as a result of artillery fire on residential areas of the city, civilians were forced to flee.

Recall that American troops have been illegally in Syria for several years. Having occupied the territory in the Syrian Zaevfrat, until recently, the States supported Kurdish armed groups. But the situation changed, and when Turkey launched a military operation in the region, Washington refused to patronize the militants.

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