The United States supports Brazil’s membership in the club of developed economies – the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), contrary to publications to the contrary, assured US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the US had refused Brazil formal support for its application for membership in the OECD, despite assurances from Donald Trump. The Agency referred to Brazilian sources familiar with the corresponding letter of the United States in the OECD. According to them, the letter mentioned the support of Argentina and Romania, but not Brazil.

“Contrary to media reports, the United States, in accordance with a joint statement by Presidents Trump and Bolsonaru on March 19, fully supports Brazil to begin the process of full membership in the OECD. We welcomed the efforts of Brazil in the field of economic reform, regulation and implementation of international experience in accordance with standards OECD”, -said Pompeo in a written statement circulated by the Department of State on Thursday.
“The letter, which leaked to the press, does not accurately reflect the US position on the expansion of the OECD”, – Pompeo added, assuring that Washington “enthusiastically” supports Brazil’s membership.

The OECD includes 36 states: most European countries, as well as the USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Mexico and Australia.

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