The US democrates have found a new way to the impeachment of Trump – the Ukrainian energy is taken into disassembly

The US House of Representatives, controlled by the Democrats, expects to receive the information necessary for impeaching President Donald Trump from the Secretary of Energy Rick Perry.

Three committees of the legislative body at once – Intelligence, International and Oversight ones – ordered the official to provide relevant documents.

“There are questions about the role that you may have played in conveying and strengthening the message of the US President to the President of Ukraine. This kind of information led to serious questions regarding your attempts to put pressure on Ukrainian officials to change the management structure of the Ukrainian national energy company [Naftogaz] in favor of people who are associated with [Trump’s lawyer] Rudolf Giuliani, who was trying to attract Ukrainian officials for the 2020 elections”, – the congressmen said. 

In this regard, the Democrats demand documented evidence of Perry’s attempts to put pressure on the Kiev authorities in order to change the leadership of Naftogaz.

As News Front previously reported, Naftogaz could be in the hands of businessmen associated with the US Republican Party. They tried to clean the leadership of the Ukrainian energy company from the unwanted people and put loyal representatives to the board of directors. At the same time, the ultimate goal of the Americans was to pump money, as the new obedient leadership was to conclude a series of contracts with companies owned by supporters of the US President.

The participants of the plan were immigrants from the USSR Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, as well as oil tycoon and billionaire Harry Sargent III. They decided to remove Andrei Kobolev, the Head of Naftogaz, from his post, replacing him with Andrei Favorov, who is now the director of the company’s integrated gas business. On the eve it became known about the detention of Fruman and Parnas.


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