Among all the candidates for the post of mayor of Chisinau, the majority of Moldovan residents support the representative of the Socialist Party, Ion Ceban.

This is evidenced by the results of a sociological study conducted by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers of Moldova among about 1.2 thousand citizens.

People were asked to answer the question of which candidate they would support if the election of the mayor of the capital were held next Sunday. So, 9 days before the local elections, the socialist Ion Cheban enjoys the greatest support from the population. 46.6% of people are ready to vote for him, which means victory in the first round.

In second place and by a wide margin was one of the leaders of the pro-Western “ACUM” bloc, Andrei Nastase. 31.1% of respondents are ready to support him.

At the same time, analysts at the Association of Sociologists and Demographers note that Nastase’s ratings for elections are getting lower and that the gap with his opponent is growing.

As News Front previously reported, Nastase could become Chisinau mayor last year, when elections were held in the capital, the results of which were not recognized. This outcome was influenced by the then head of the ruling Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc, and Nastase was never able to achieve justice.

However, last year’s problem was overtaken by a pro-Western candidate with a new blow to authority. So, a few days before the election, the Chisinau Court of Appeal defiantly recognized Nastase as mayor in accordance with the election results. True, he could head the capital for only 11 days, which only humiliate the politics. In fact, Nastase faced a difficult choice: to continue his election campaign or to agree to become the eleven-day mayor.

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