One man injured in a brawl near the Turkish Embassy in Kiev

One man was injured in a brawl near the building of the Turkish Embassy in Kiev, the press service of the Kiev police said on Friday.

“At the scene, law enforcement officers found out that an initiative group of citizens came to the administrative building to conduct a peaceful rally. During the event, unknown people came up to one of the participants, wrested a poster from her hands and inflicted bodily harm on her”, –  the police said.

Ambulance doctors provided medical assistance to the victim on the spot.

The incident is registered in the journal of unified accounting of statements and messages of the Pechersk police department, the participants of the incident are identified, after which the legal qualification of the event will be given.
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on October 9 announced the launch of Operation Source of Peace in northern Syria against the Kurdistan Workers Party and the Islamic State terrorist group banned in Turkey. Turkish aviation attacked the city of Ras al-Ain and a number of other Syrian cities on the border of the two countries on the same day. Later it was announced the start of the ground part of the operation.


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