Mauricio Macri, after a devastating defeat in the primaries on August 11, at the hands of a duet formed by presidential candidate Alberto Fernandez and vice president Cristina Fernandez (who received 47.1% of the vote against 32, 48%), not only blamed the previous government, chaired by Cristina Fernandez for all the evil covering Argentina, but also, according to American manuals, organized a campaign to intimidate people. Macri is trying to turn the situation in his favor and say that the country will continue the crisis if the tandem of Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernandez wins in the October 27 elections.

In fact, such an opportunity brings fear to the pro-American political elite,  that welcomes Macri and his allies. This happens not only because the dream of consolidating the country’s leadership is being implemented locally, but also because it jeopardizes the personal interests of the politician and also threatens a political response against the IMF loan of $ 57 billion. Recall that on the one hand the Argentinean government has already received $ 44,000 million under the three-year program agreed in 2018, and on the other hand it will certainly be reviewed by the next government.

Macri, despite social studies that show that his government can be classified as one of the worst in Argentina over the past 30 years due to disastrous economic governance, believes he can remain in power.

Recall that after the political block “Cambiemos” came to power in Argentina (Let’s change, – Transl.), there was a clear rapprochement in relations with the United States. The normalization process in relations between the two countries began in December 2015, after the victory of Mauricio Macri in the second round of the presidential election in Argentina. During 2016-2017, President Mauricio Macri did everything possible to demonstrate his pro-Western orientation, primarily the United States, as well as the rejection of the center-left policy of “Kirchnerism” pursued by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Now Argentina has an equivocal future, the main task for the following power should be the distribution of responsibilities to resolve the situation in the country after the collapse of political and economic governance.

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