President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy said that Kiev will lose the support of its Western partners if it does not comply with the Minsk agreements and remains “face to face with Russia”.

“If we do not pass the law on special status (of Donbass – ed.), the Steinmeier formula will not be implemented, and we will not move along the path of the Minsk process, we will exit the Minsk process – this will automatically mean Kiev’s withdrawal from the agreements. This is my impression of what might happen, and this is another reason on the other hand to say that Ukraine itself does not want to fulfill what it has signed, and then we will be able to stay alone with Russia”, – Zelenskiy said during a press marathon on Thursday.

Earlier, the contact group for Ukraine agreed on the “Steinmeier formula”, according to which the law on the special procedure for local self-government in certain areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions comes into force on an interim basis on election day and on an ongoing basis after the publication of the OSCE election report.

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