The Kurdish armed groups, left without Washington’s support, are desperately opposing the Turkish troops invading Syria.

According to reports, in the province of Rahqa near the city of Tell Abyad near the northern border of the Arab Republic, Syrian Democratic forces were able to destroy four tanks of the advancing Turkish army. In addition, units involved in Operation Source of Peace have lost at least five fighters, although the Turkish Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the information.

As News Front previously reported, on the eve of Turkish troops crossed the border with Syria, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the launch of Operation Source of Peace, whose goal was to defeat Kurdish gangs, which until recently were under US patronage.

In Russia, the assault was skeptical, noting that the escalation of the conflict could lead to destabilization in the region. Concerns have been expressed in Europe. They are afraid of a new wave of refugees, which may flood into the countries of the European Union.

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