The Democratic Party prefers not to recall once again the failed investigation of the so-called “Russian intervention”, focusing on new methods of dealing with Donald Trump, but the president of “RussiaGate” was not just forgotten, but also actively deployed against its authors.

As long as the Democrats accuse Trump of pressure on the Ukrainian government, thus achieving his impeachment, US Attorney General William Barr and Special Attorney John Durham methodically investigate the origins of the scandalous RussiaGate.

They began their investigation immediately after the completion of the work of Robert Mueller, and now Durham is studying the methods that the employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation used in relation to Trump in 2016. In particular, on the eve of Durham, together with Barr, they talked with representatives of the Italian police, studying its connection with the investigation of the American Democrats.

Durham studies both the events that took place before the 2016 elections and the events that took place in the first half of 2017 before the appointment of Robert Muller as special prosecutor. It is curious that against this background, the media suddenly “leaked” information that Muller really wanted to head the FBI at that time. In his letters of that time, he threatened to lead the RussiaGate investigation if he did not receive the desired position. It is noteworthy here that Mueller himself, being under oath, openly lied to Congress, denying his ambitions.

It is possible that such a leak was deliberately organized, as the FBI understands that Durham, with his investigation, is getting to the bottom of what is happening.

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