When asked by journalists about the support of the Kurds, against which Turkey launched an operation in Syria, American President Donald Trump reproached them for not helping the United States during World War II, in particular, during the landing in Normandy.

Allied forces began to land in northern France in Normandy on June 6, 1944, opening a “second front” against Nazi forces in Europe. The landing became the largest landing operation in history.

A journalist who asked Trump a question that the Kurds helped the US “defeat the Islamic State.” He asked the US president if it would be more difficult for the American side to build alliances, given that this attack was “allowed” – the Turkish operation in Syria.

After reports of a possible Turkish operation against Kurdish forces in northern Syria, the United States announced that they would not participate in it, moreover, they would withdraw troops from the operation area. Kurds backed by Washington said the US thus violated the agreement.

“As someone wrote today in a very, very strong article, they did not help us during the Second World War, they did not help us, as an example, in Normandy”, – the American leader told reporters. 

“We spent huge sums of money to help the Kurds, in terms of ammunition, weapons, money and payments. At the same time, we like the Kurds … They are fighting for their land”, –  Trump added.

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