A month after the re-opening of the Abu al-Duhur checkpoint in the Syrian province of Aleppo, not a single person passed through it. Militants prevent civilians from entering through the checkpoint, brigade general of the Syrian army Nabil Abdullah told reporters.

“Gangs impede the exit of our fellow citizens, not disdaining brute force. They mined the passage from the province of Idlib, shelling it with artillery. Recently, five civilians were killed on the other side, who tried to get closer to the checkpoint. Over a month through “Abu al-Duhur” not a single person has passed. Terrorists use our fellow citizens as a human shield”, –  said the general leading the operation to withdraw refugees through a humanitarian corridor.

At the same time, as the general added, the point continues to work and is ready to receive a large number of people around the clock.
“I tell our brothers in Idlib: we are waiting for you here, on the liberated land of Syria. Buses are sent here, a medical center is deployed here, doctors and ambulances are on duty. Russian military police are here to ensure order. Our sappers are also ready to work – they will check the cars for explosive objects”, –  said a representative of the Syrian army.

The Abu al-Duhur checkpoint in the Idlib de-escalation zone was opened on September 13 after a long break – it previously worked from March to December 2018, then the elders of neighboring villages acted as intermediaries. According to the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria, since March 4, 2018, almost 45 thousand people have left the Idlib de-escalation zone. The reopening took place at the initiative of the Central Military Command in close cooperation with the Syrian side.

The lack of communication between the districts controlled by the government, on the one hand, and the gangs, on the other, was a tragedy for many thousands of Syrians. Elders of local tribes say that in almost every family on the other side were relatives and direct communication with them is currently impossible.

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