The militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization attacked units of the Syrian Arab army.

This was reported by the specialized telegram channel “Directorate 4”, referring to the propaganda resources of terrorists.

According to reports, the incident occurred in the area of the village of Es Suhne northeast of the province of Homs. The militants ambushed the convoy of government troops. The attack was carried out by small mobile groups. The jihadists had motorcycles, as well as a pickup equipped with an anti-aircraft gun of 23 mm caliber.

According to the militants, they managed to damage part of the SAA vehicles. After this, the battle began, during which the Islamists killed several soldiers. The loss of the Islamic state is not reported.

At the moment, the Syrian Arab army is actively working to clean up the province of Homs from terrorists. Several convoys of government troops, as well as volunteers from the National Defense Forces, who conduct local counter-terrorism operations here, were transferred here.

As News Front previously reported, Islamic State militants attacked the city of Raqqa the day before. This became possible in connection with the Turkish offensive in northern Syria, which forced the Kurdish gangs to withdraw most of the forces from the city, transferring them to the front.