The Federal President of Germany will arrive at the scene of the attack in Galle

Frank-Walter Steinmeier will arrive at the site of the attack in Halle, where two people were shot dead the day before. On Thursday, October 10, Steinmeier will visit the synagogue into which the intruder tried to enter. In addition, the head of state will meet with the Prime Minister of the state of Saxony-Anhalt Rainer Haseloff.

After the Galle incident, Steinmeier announced “terrible news” and called for solidarity with the Jewish community. It seemed that in today’s Germany, such attacks on a synagogue full of parishioners have long been impossible, he said.

Meanwhile, police continue to record traces of the crime in Landsberg near Galle, where the offender also opened fire after attacking the synagogue. At the entrance to Landsberg, the police established a barrier zone. Police also raided several homes.


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