During the joint meeting of both chambers with 238 votes, with the necessary 233 votes, the Romanian Parliament expressed a vote of no confidence in the social democratic government of Viorica Danchile.

Its rivals have been trying to reach it painfully for a long time. This was not only because since June 2018 this was the fourth attempt by the opposition to dismiss the government.

The current attempt became possible after the collapse of the ruling coalition in late August. However, for a long time the opposition did not even dare to submit the issue to the Parliament. There was no certainty that this time she would succeed. President Klaus Johannis joined the open squeeze of the Social Democrats and called for “getting rid” of them.

The backstage struggle between the ruling party and the opposition continued until the last minute. Both sides tried to entice each other’s voices.

Social Democrats managed to return some of those who had previously flown over. The rest were reportedly promised money and posts in exchange for a “correct” position. Along with members of the Parliament, the opposition also worked. The final alignment before the vote showed that the parties attracted almost equally new parliamentarians under their banner, which as a result allowed the opposition to retain the necessary advantage.

Now the President will have to hold consultations on the candidacy of the Prime Minister with different parties (none of which individually does not even have the same number of deputies as the Social Democrats have). The new candidate will need to get the parliamentary approval.

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