The red cross office in Ecuador, amid mass protests in the country, announced the suspension of first aid throughout the country after a series of attacks on its employees, the organization said in a statement.

“The Ecuadorian Red Cross, due to the lack of guarantees to ensure the safety of its personnel, suspends the provision of first aid (the work of ambulances and paramedics)”, – the statement said.

Representatives of the Red Cross in Ecuador said during a press conference on Wednesday that since the start of the protests in the country, five organization centers have been attacked, as well as Red Cross employees working in ambulances.

According to the organization, the donor blood center is also experiencing difficulties due to a decrease in the number of donors and blocking roads, which impedes the delivery of materials.

In early October, in Ecuador, demonstrations of citizens dissatisfied with the economic reforms of the government began. Other public organizations joined the transport, and indefinite mobilization of representatives of indigenous peoples was announced to protest against the economic policy of the government.

The President of Ecuador declared a state of emergency in connection with the protests and moved the government headquarters from Quito to the largest city of Guayaquil in the west of the country.
According to the latest data from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, nearly 450 people, including police officers, were injured as a result of protests in Ecuador. More than 700 were detained.

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