On Wednesday, October 9, a German-Austrian delegation composed of a retired Austrian professor, Dr. Fritz, a Berlin deputy, Gunnar Lindemann, and his son visited school number 30 in Lugansk.

“This school is a selfless work for me. Teachers here with great personal dedication teach children and adolescents German language and German culture, which deserves special support”, – said Lindemann.

Starting next week, retired Professor Dr. Fritz will teach children German for several weeks.

“Today, of course, the visit of the teenager was the most interesting event for children. Lugansk students asked my son everything they could about the school system and the lives of young people in Germany”, – Lindemann continues.

On this occasion, a member of the Berlin Parliament again handed over to the school numerous books, especially Schiller’s classic literature.

“We will continue to expand our contacts and strengthen our help for the school in the future”, – emphasized Lindemann. 

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