The European Union did not appreciate the Turkish troops conducting a military operation in Syria without the consent of Syria itself, because Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began to put pressure on Europe’s weakest point – the migration crisis.

In a statement, Erdogan threatened to open Turkish borders for Syrian refugees who are already willing to arrive in Europe if the EU calls the “Source of Peace” operation an invasion.

“Hey, EU, pull yourself together! If you decide to call our operation an invasion, our answer will be simple. We will only open our border checkpoints and pass 3.6 million refugees to you”, – the Turkish President said.

Erdogan blackmailed the EU with  the same factor when he called on Europe in early September to support the creation of a so-called security zone in Syria. 

As News Front previously reported, the Turkish army has recently crossed the border with Syria, and launched the “Source of Peace” operation directed against Kurdish armed forces operating in the region and previously supported by Washington.

Ankara’s actions were skeptically received in Russia, noting that the operation was not coordinated with official Damascus. In Europe, they are afraid of a new flow of refugees and are already calling for reinforcing borders.


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