The Parliament of the Netherlands supported the idea to study the role of Ukraine in the case of MH17.

The Dutch deputies are demanding to find out why Kiev did not close the airspace over the Donbass, while there was a full-fledged war. This could lead to a new look at the causes of the crash of the Boeing MH17 in the summer of 2014.

Deputies of the Parliament of the Netherlands demanded from the government to find out why the Ukrainian authorities did not close the airspace over the Donbass in the summer of 2014. About this in his Twitter said the Deputy from the Christian democratic party, Chris van Dam.

“The decision was made unanimously”, –  the parliamentarian stressed.

According to the Dutch deputies, the role of Ukraine in the incident with the Malaysian Airlines Boeing MH17  requires clarity – in the interests of relatives and friends of those who died in a plane crash.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Amsterdam Vsevolod Chentsov, in turn, said that ” his country has nothing to hide”. The Ukrainian diplomat stressed that it is necessary to establish the real culprits of the crash of the passenger liner.

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said earlier that he “sees no legal basis” for investigating the role of Kiev and Ukraine’s possible responsibility for the tragedy. However, he also refused to interfere in any way with MPs demanding proceedings.

This is also about the airspace of Russia, the head of the Dutch Foreign Ministry added, and therefore it will be necessary to cooperate with Moscow for the investigation – this, according to the Blok, will present certain difficulties.

The Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy, Alexei Pushkov, after the words of the Blok, said that the initiative of the Dutch MPs “is very dangerous for Kiev”.

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Denis Pushilin approved the determination of the Dutch parliament to find the truth about the downed Boeing. According to him, the question of Ukraine’s open air border for international flights in the summer of 2014 “seems logical”.

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