US Energy Secretary Rick Perry called on European partners to buy American LNG more actively, calling it the key to freedom, economic stability and prosperity.

A few extra euros per cubic meter of “freedom” is not a pity

“Europe needs natural gas, but the United States has it. We have become a country that is energetically completely independent. This means that our politicians have free hands, they can pursue an independent policy. By offering gas to Europe, the United States helps it expand the most essential – a choice that is no longer limited to one resource, one supplier country, one route from this supplier”, – said Perry, speaking in Riga.

He called the supply of liquefied natural gas from the United States  “an attractive choice for every country that wants stability in supply and independence from a single supplier”,  despite the fact that today there are certain difficulties in this project.

The Nord Stream-2 and Southern Gas Corridor gas pipeline projects implemented by Russian Gazprom with European partners, according to Perry, “increase deliveries from one supplier, from one resource, bringing Russian gas to the very heart of Europe”,  therefore, Washington criticizes them and instead proposes its gas.

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