The White House cannot leave Latin America alone. This time, in Washington, binoculars were set up for the pre-election situation in Argentina. The intervention of the West in the next presidential election was not limited exclusively to observation; the USA has already begun to search for a deep and secret approach to Alberto Fernandez, who defeated Mauricio Macri by 16 points in PASO.

Fernandez really assesses the situation and is not in a hurry to enlist the “friendly” support of the States. He understands the diplomatic game and responded to American gestures with both open and restrained statements. The Argentinean presidential candidate has already spoken out about the prejudices that still exist in Washington regarding the presidential candidate from the Front of All.

Fernandez and his political advisers suggest that the economic crisis is beginning to resolve in the Oval Hall, and this requires a personal meeting of Donald Trump with a peronist candidate if he finally wins the October 27 election.

At offices in Mexico City, where Fernandez manages his election program and develops his possible government, a roadmap has already been outlined on the external debt and economic crisis: for this, it is necessary to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) with the possibility of negotiations. According to experts, for this Fernandez needs to agree with Trump and maintain equidistant relations with him.

Trump may not intend to crown this important political gesture, but without the approval of the White House, explain the outskirts of Fernandez, there’s no chance of moving forward with the IMF and then starting negotiations with investors and bankers on Wall Street. They have government debt in accordance with foreign law.

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