Deprived of American patronage, Kurdish militants from the “Syrian Democratic Forces” group are forced to desperately strengthen their positions along the border with Turkey.

This is reported by local information resources.

In connection with the preparation of a new offensive by the Turkish troops, the militants are digging up military equipment in the area of the border town of  Tell  Abyad in the northern Syrian province of Raqqa. The Kurds are pulling tanks and artillery there.

At the same time, pro-Turkish gangs are preparing for the assault on Manbij in the northeast of Aleppo province. The city is now under the control of the militants of the Syrian Democratic Forces, who are expected to be ousted from the strategic settlement.

In particular, the pro-Turkish “Free Syrian Army” group is preparing for the offensive, which is methodically transferring military equipment and militias to the area, which have already taken up positions along the banks of the Saju River.

In addition, along the border recorded the work of Turkish drones, which collect information about the situation in the region.

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