The Prime Minister of Moldova and the leader of the pro-Western bloc “ACUM” Maya Sandu, as well as the fugitive oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, were in solidarity in the desire to “merge” Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Năstase.

Despite the fact that Năstase is an associate of Sandu, he received a serious blow from her “recognition” of the mandate 11 days before the election of the mayor of Chisinau.

As News Front previously reported, Nastase won the mayor’s election last year, but the efforts of Vladimir Plahotniuc, who at that time controlled all government agencies, did not recognize the election results. They returned to this issue only now, and the Chisinau Court of Appeal, less than two weeks before the new elections, recognized Nastase’s right to this post. Thus, he was allowed to sit in the mayor’s chair until October 20, when local elections will be held in Moldova.

It is also important to note that in the judicial system, despite the purges and influence of Sandu, there are still enough people loyal to Plahotniuc. He, in turn, does not want the promotion of Nasase, associated with businessmen Victor and Viorel Zopa, who previously accused the oligarch of raider attacks.

In fact, Năstase faced a difficult choice: to continue his election campaign or to agree to become the eleven-day mayor.