Plahotniuc is ready to return to Moldova 4 months after coup attempt

The infamous oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, now on the run, expressed a desire to return to Moldova, where in the beginning of summer he tried to prevent the formation of a new government.

Plahotniuc’s plans were reported by one of his lawyers Vladislav Roshka, commenting on the recent decision of the anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office to summon the fugitive oligarch for questioning in the case of money laundering on a large scale.

Earlier, the former Minister of Justice and another lawyer of Plahotniuc, Oleg Efrim, assured that the former head of the Democratic Party of Moldova received information about the call for interrogation. At the same time, Rosca requested a postponement of the interrogation date for three weeks, explaining this by Plahotniuc’s desire to personally testify.

It is noteworthy that the agenda could not be passed to the hiding oligarch, because the information was posted on the official website of the prosecutor’s office. Information about the location of the oligarch diverge. It was previously reported that he may be in London. However, now some Moldovan media claim that Plahotniuc settled in Miami, where he has certain business interests.


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