Maduro faced a new challenge in Venezuela: the return of Guaido

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó will return to the country this week from Colombia, challenging President Nicolas Maduro, who must decide on the next step after his increasingly popular critic has violated an injunction to leave the country.

Guaido, a 35-year-old engineer who proclaimed himself president in January and attempted a coup d’etat with state support, traveled to a neighboring country last week to seek humanitarian aid from an oil nation.

It is expected that after meetings with regional leaders and United States Vice President Mike Pence Guaido in Bogota, he will return to his activities after openly challenging a Supreme Court ruling that prohibited him from crossing borders at the end of January.

Maduro commented that the Venezuelan adversary must “respect the law” and that if he returns to the country, “he will have to see the face of justice,” according to a recent ABC interview.


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