The militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization were noted for their activity in the city, which had long been considered the “capital” of the Islamic State in Syria.

So, jihadists noted a series of attacks in Raqqa – the administrative center of the province of the same name SAR. Islamic state militants stormed the city when Kurdish gangs were forced to pull together on the Syrian-Turkish border.

According to reports, from fifty to hundreds of Islamists and at least three suicide bombers participated in the attack. At least six explosions were recorded in Raqqa, militants destroyed the power substation, leaving the central areas without electricity, and fighting between the remnants of Kurdish forces and jihadists took place throughout the city.

The militants of the Islamic state even tried to drive the Kurds out of their base at the Al-Basel traffic intersection.

Some sources report that Kurds from the Syrian Democratic Forces were still able to eliminate several terrorists. However, there are no details about the number of victims of this attack.

Recall that Raqqa was captured by the Islamic state in March 2013. The liberation of the city began only after more than four years. The forces of the Washington-controlled factions of Rakku cleared the Islamists by the end of 2017, but as a result of regular bombing of the Western coalition, it was almost razed to the ground. In addition, as a result of the fighting, according to various sources, up to 2 thousand civilians died.

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