Syrian Kurds are ready to start a dialogue with Damascus and Moscow if the US relocates its units, media reported citing an official representative of the Kurdish authorities in northern Syria.

Syrian Kurds “can begin negotiations with Damascus and Moscow if the United States completely withdraws its troops from the border with Turkey,” the representative said.

The representative of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party (KDPP) Ahmed Suleiman said that an agreement with Damascus would be the best option for the Kurds to provide protection before the Turkish operation planned in Syria.

“The US played a negative role as an obstacle to understanding (SDF) with Damascus. Damascus was not ready for any agreement with the SDF. But despite the lack of time, the best option is to reach an agreement with Damascus and not count on regional and international contradictions. This is the opinion of our Kurdish democratic progressive party in Syria, ”Suleiman said.

He added that the number of SDF options is limited.

“They spent a lot of time to eliminate the danger, which has become evident since 2014 and intensified even more after the events in Afghanistan,” the politician said.

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